Temple Arts

Arts associated with the temples of Kerala are music in the form of Sopana sangeetha, musical instruments, and ritualistic arts. Varieties of musical instruments are used in temples in association with temple rites or while performing various art forms.  They include drums, gongs, wind instruments and string instruments. Drum instruments are grouped as (1) alinga (which are kept close to the body of performer like Idakka, Valiapani, Thimila, Chenda etc), angika (which are placed on limbs such as Tavil and Maddalam) and urdhwakas(which have the mouth of instrument at top – Eg., Mizhavu and Kidu-pidi). Chengila, Ilathalam and Kuzhithalam are grouped under gongs. Sankh, Kurumkuzhal and Nadaswaram are the wind instruments that used in temples. Nanthuni and Pulluva Veena are the string instruments.

Pancha vadyam, Panchari melam, Pandi melam, Thayambaka, Kombu-Kuzhal pattu are the various forms of instrumental music.Chakyar Koothu, Nangiar Koothu, Prabandha Koothu, Koodiyattom, Krishnaattam, Kath Kali, Thullal, Yakshagana, Theyyam, Kuthiyottam, Sarpam Thullal, Padayani, Thiyyat, Poothan & Thira, Mudiyett, and Velakali are the performing arts that staged in temples. In addition to the above, Kalamezhuth is prevailing in temples dedicated to Bhadrakali/Durga/Bhagavathy, Sastha, Nagararaja etc


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