In Kerala every village has a temple and in olden days every temple was invariably associated with a Kavu (sacred grove) which are distinct and unique in biological diversity. People were not allowed to enter the Kavus except for worship and any other activity is forbidden. But in the course of time, Kavus were gradually disappeared due to various reasons such as pressure on land, loss of faith in keeping the sanctity of groves, changing socio-economic scenario etc. In some temples, Kavus were maintained in a small scale as a representation of the one existed in the past.   Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha, Thrissur. Kozhikode, Kannur and Kasaragod have large number of groves preserved and maintained at least partially. It is estimated that Kerala has about 1500 Kavus (sacred groves) either big or small. A survey conducted by the Rajiv Gandhi Tropical Botanical Garden & Research Institute, Thiruvananthapuram identified 261 Kavus, as given below:


1 Bhadra Kavu Bhagavathy/Naga Kasaragod
2 Dharmasastha Kavu, Pachallur Naga Thiruvananthapuram
3 Irattakulangara Kavu Naga Thiruvananthapuram
4 Mahadevan Kavu, Kariyam Naga Thiruvananthapuram
5 Adhikaryakottakavu Naga Malappuram
6 Alakkattukavu, Ilamba Naga Thiruvananthapuram
7 Ameda Kavu Naga Ernakulam
8 Anchalumootil Naga Alappuzha
9 Arayankode Thalassiva Temple Kirathamoorthy Kozhikode
10 Ayankuzhy Kavu, Kamalelswaram Naga Thiruvananthapuram
11 Ayaniyerthala Kavu, Karimamool Naga Thiruvananthapurm
12 Ayiravally Kavu Bhagavathy/Naga Kollam
13 Ayiravally temple Kavu, Ilamba Naga Thiruvananthapurm
14 Ayyankovil Kavu Sastha Kottayam
15 Bhadrakali Kavu, Azhakikonam Naga Thiruvananthapuram
16 Bhadrakali Temple Kavu, Pachallur Naga Thiruvananthapuram
17 Bhagavathy Kavu, Poovaor Naga Thiruvananthapuram
18 Bhagavathy Kavu, Karipur Naga Thiruvananthapuram
19 Bhagavathy Kavu, Pongumoodu Naga Thiruvananthapuram
20 Bhagavathy temple Kavu, Nelliyode Naga Thiruvananthapuram
21 Bhagavathy Kavu Bhagavathy Malappuram
22 Bhayankavu Naga Kozhikode
23 Bhayankavu Vanadurga Kozhikode
24 Bhoothathankavu, Kanjikuzhy Naga Thiruvananthapuram
25 Bhoothathankavu, Kudappanakunnu Naga Thiruvananthapuram
26 Bhoothathankavu, Vazhayila Naga Thiruvananthapuram
27 Bhoothatharkavu Bhoothathan Kannur
28 Chama Kavu Bhagavathy/Naga Pathanamthitta
29 Chamundeswari Kavu, Neelakeshy - Thiruvananthapuram
30 Chararakkal Kavu Naga Kollam
31 Chathanpara Devi Temple Kavu Naga Thiruvananthapuram
32 Chathanpara Konathu Kavu Naga Thiruvananthapuram
33 Chavarkavu, Pulluvila, Nagarur - Thiruvananthapuram
34 Chavarkavu, Njekkadu Mantharamoorthy Thiruvananthapuram
35 Chavarkavu, Vellarackal Madan Thiruvananthapuram
36 Cheenivilakavu, Karingal, Kattakada Naga Thiruvananthapuram
37 Chembakottu Kavu Siva/Bhagavathy Kozhikode
38 Chembakasseril Kavu Naga Ernakulam
39 Chenavila Kavu, Uchakada Naga Thiruvananthapuram
40 Cheppallil Kavu Siva/Naga Alappuzha
41 Cherukkava Kavu Naga Alappuzha
42 Cherukulathukavu, Aryanad Naga Thiruvananthapuram
43 Cherukulathu Mannadi Kavu, Changa Bhagavathy Thiruvananthapuram
44 Cherukulthoor Kavu, Vellanadu Naga Thiruvananthapuram
45 Cherunilakkodu Kavu, Pangappara Naga Thiruvananthapuram
46 Cheruppadi Kavu Bhagawathi / Naga Kasaragod
47 Chimmanath Kavu Naga Kozhikode
48 Chittalloor Devi temple Kavu Naga Thiruvananthapuram
49 Chokkan Kavu, Pachalloor Naga Thiruvananthapuram
50 Choorakkattu Kavu Naga Ernakulam
51 Choorakkunnu Bhagawathi / Naga Pathanamthitta
52 Devi temple Kavu, kesavadasapuram Naga Thiruvananthapuram
53 Dharma Sastha Kavu Sastha Kasaragod
54 Dharma sastha Kavu, Amaravila Naga Thiruvananthapuram
55 Dharma Sastha Kavu, Pirayil Naga Thiruvananthapuram
56 Dharma Sastha Kavu, Thachttu Naga Thiruvananthapuram
57 Durga Temple Kavu,  Thottakkadu Naga, Nagayekshi Thiruvananthapuram
58 Edaneer Kavu Sastha Kasaragod
59 Edattu Kavu Naga Kannur
60 Edeangal Family Kavu Naga Kannur
61 Elengireethil Kavu Naga Kollam
62 Enathu Kavu Naga Pathanamthitta
63 Endalayappan Kavu Naga Kollam
64 Erathu Kavu, Thokkadu, Panayara Naga Thiruvananthapuram
65 ErumaKavu, Chirayil keezhu Naga Thiruvananthapuram
66 Erumkulangara Bhagavathi Kavu, Naga Thiruvananthapuram
67 Erumkulangara Kavu, Manacaud Naga Thiruvananthapuram
68 Gurunagappan Kavu, Chirayinkeezhu Naga Thiruvananthapuram
69 Gururkkan  Kavu Naga Kozhikode
70 Huayil Kotta Durga Kozhikode
71 Hundi Kavu Bhagawathi / Naga Kasaragod
72 Idathitta Kavu Bhagawathi / Naga Pathanamthitta
73 Idivizhunna Kavu, Kidarakuzhi Naga Thiruvananthapuram
74 Indalayappan Kavu, Venkode Naga Thiruvananthapuram
75 Iringole Kavu Bhagawathi Ernakulam
76 Irinjayam Kavu, Irinjayam. Naga Thiruvananthapuram
77 Kachamaram Kavu Kalichan Kasaragod
78 Kadakkattu Kavu Naga Pathanamthitta
79 Kaithavanam Nallaveettil Kavu Naga Alappuzha
80 Kajoor Kavu Bhagawathi / Naga Alappuzha
81 Kalarikkal Kotta Naga Kozhikode
82 Kalavoor Kavu Naga Alappuzha
83 Kaliyikkal Kavu Naga Pathanamthitta
84 Kallarathekkal Kavu, Ilamba - Thiruvananthapuram
85 Kamukarakkonam Kavu, Vattappara Madan Thiruvananthapuram
86 Kanjirathummoodu Kavu, Kulathoor Naga Thiruvananthapuram
87 Kannamkkottu Kavu Naga, Nagayekshi Thiruvananthapuram
88 Kannan Kavu Naga / Bhagawathi Kollam
89 Kannezhathu Kavu Naga Kottayam
90 Karakka Kavu Bhagawathi Kasaragod
91 Karalathu Bhagawathi Kavu Bhagawathi / Naga Kollam
92 Karalathu Kavu Naga Kollam
93 Karathala Kavu (a), Balaramapuram Naga Thiruvananthapuram
94 Karathala Kavu (b), balaramapuram Naga Thiruvananthapuram
95 Karichayil Kavu, Velamkonam Naga, Nagayekshi Thiruvananthapuram
96 Karimala Karimala Temple Kozhikode
97 Karimbi Kavu - Thiruvananthapuram
98 Karimkada Kavu, Karimkada Naga Thiruvananthapuram
99 Karingal Thottikkara Nagaru Kavu, Kattakada Naga Thiruvananthapuram
100 Karingodathu Kavu Naga Pathanamthitta
101 Karingottu Kavu, Mevarkara Naga Thiruvananthapuram
102 Kariyathan Kavu Naga Kozhikode
103 Karumbichivila Nagaru Kavu, Pattom - Thiruvananthapuram
104 Kavil Bhagavathy Kavu, Pangode Naga Thiruvananthapuram
105 Kavinmoola Kavu Naga Thiruvananthapuram
106 Kavumpattu Kavu Bhagawathi Ernakulam
107 Kelethu Kavu Naga Kollam
108 Kilipparambu Kavu Naga Kozhikode
109 Kizhetti Kavu, Pongummoodu Naga Thiruvananthapuram
110 Klariyil Kavu Naga Kollam
111 Klavaru Sarpa Kavu Naga Kollam
112 Kodiuyattu Naga Pathanamthitta
113 Kolana Kavu Vanadays Idukki
114 Kolichar Veeran Kottam Kalichan Kannur
115 Kollarathil Kavu Naga Kottayam
116 Kottarathil Kavu Naga Kottayam
117 Kottinadu Kavu Naga Alappuzha
118 Koypathi Kavu Naga Kottayam
119 Kulangara Kavu Naga Thiruvananthapuram
120 Kumbala Pallil Kavu Naga Kottayam
121 Kuttiattu Kavu Naga Kozhikode
122 Kuzhikkal Kavu Naga Kollam
123 Kuzhivelil Kavu Bhagawathi / Naga Alappuzha
124 Madampithara Kavu Naga Kollam
125 Madan Kavu , Meverkara Naga Thiruvananthapuram
126 Madan Kavu, Karimamoola Madan, Naga Thiruvananthapuram
127 Madan Kavu, Kumarapuram - Thiruvananthapuram
128 Madan Kavu, Nedumangadu Madan Thiruvananthapuram
129 Madan temple Kavu, Paruthippara Naga Thiruvananthapuram
130 Madanada  Kavu,Chathambara - Thiruvananthapuram
131 Madanada Kavu, Chathambara Naga Thiruvananthapuram
132 Madanada Kavu, Kallara Naga Thiruvananthapuram
133 MadanKavu  Meverkara - Thiruvananthapuram
134 Madathil Kavu, Kazhakkoottam Naga Thiruvananthapuram
135 Madavilakathu Kavu, Chathambara - Thiruvananthapuram
136 Madayi Kavu Bhagawathi Kannur
137 Madom Kavu, Muttappalam Naga Thiruvananthapuram
138 Manathattil Kavu Naga Kottayam
139 Manchadimoodu Kavu Naga Thiruvananthapuram
140 Mandakathinkal Kavu Naga Kozhikode
141 Mannady Devi temple Kavu, Naga Thiruvananthapuram
142 Mannarassala Naga Alappuzha
143 Mannupurathu Kavu Bhagawathi / Naga Kasaragod
144 Manthuruthu Kavu, Chippanchira Naga Thiruvananthapuram
145 Manukudi Kavu Bhagawathi Kozhikode
146 Mathanathu KKavu, Manikkal Madan Thiruvananthapuram
147 Mavidi Temple Naga Kollam
148 Mechamkode Kavu, Vattappara - Thiruvananthapuram
149 Moopuram Kavu, Kollamkkodu Sastha, Naga Thiruvananthapuram
150 Muchukunnu Kavu Siva Bhagawathi Kozhikode
151 Mulampallikonam Kavu, Kattakada Naga Thiruvananthapuram
152 Mulliyakkadu Kavu Naga Kollam
153 Mulloor Kavu, Chowwara Naga Thiruvananthapuram
154 Munda Kavu Naga Kannur
155 Murava Kavu, Kulathoor Naga Thiruvananthapuram
156 MuthikKavu Naga Palakkad
157 Muthukadu Kavu Sastha Kannur
158 Myvalli Ela Kavu, Ayilam Naga Thiruvananthapuram
159 Naduloor Kavu Naga Kollam
160 Nagampuzhimana Kavu Naga Kottayam
161 Nagaramma kovil Kavu, Thiruppuram Naga Thiruvananthapuram
162 NagarKavu,  Kavalakkulam Naga Thiruvananthapuram
163 NagarKavu, Plavilakom, Kulathoor Naga Thiruvananthapuram
164 Nagaru Kavu, Chemmaruthy Naga Thiruvananthapuram
165 Nagaru Kavu, Karimamoola Naga Thiruvananthapuram
166 Nagaru Kavu, Kazhakkoottam Naga Thiruvananthapuram
167 Nagaru Kavu, Kottiyottu, Attingal Naga Thiruvananthapuram
168 Nagaru Kavu, Nedumangadu Naga Thiruvananthapuram
169 Nagaru Kavu, Ullorkonam Naga Thiruvananthapuram
170 Nagaru Kavu, Velamkonathu Naga Thiruvananthapuram
171 Nagaru Kavu,Nalanchira Naga Thiruvananthapuram
172 Nagathankotta Naga Kozhikode
173 Nagayekshi Kavu, Ayilam Nagayekshi, Naga Thiruvananthapuram
174 Nagayekshi Kavu, Thennoorkonam Naga Thiruvananthapuram
175 Naik Kavu Ancestoral Spirit Kasaragod
176 Nakramkodu Kavu, Avanavamchery Naga Thiruvananthapuram
177 Nanniyode Kavu, Nanniyode Naga Thiruvananthapuram
178 Nattithara Kavu Naga Kottayam
179 Neelakesi Kavu, Neyyattinkara Naga Thiruvananthapuram
180 Neelimana Kavu Naga Kollam
181 Nellezhathu Kavu Naga Kottayam
182 NellikKavu Naga Kozhikode
183 Nellurathu Kavu Naga Pathanamthitta
184 Nilami Nagar Kavu, Neyyattinkara Naga Thiruvananthapuram
185 Onathuthodi Kavu, Velamkonam - Thiruvananthapuram
186 Ondi Kavu Naga Kollam
187 Oorankudi Kavu, Chirayinkeezhu Naga Thiruvananthapuram
188 Otakkali Kali Kozhikode
189 Ottavettil Kavu Naga Thiruvananthapuram
190 Padathu Kavu Naga Kottayam
191 Padayarakam Kavu, Thiruvallam Naga Thiruvananthapuram
192 Padinjatte Kavu, Thachottu - Thiruvananthapuram
193 Panamootti Kavu Naga Kollam
194 Panayarathala Kavu, Perumpazhuthoor Naga Thiruvananthapuram
195 Panikkasseril Kavu Bhagawathi / Naga Alappuzha
196 Pannikonam Kavu, Thruthippally Naga Thiruvananthapuram
197 Paramannil  Nagali Kshethram Naga Temple Kozhikode
198 Parambarathala Kavu, Kattakada Naga Thiruvananthapuram
199 Pararathu Kavu Naga Kannur
200 Parayaru Kavu, Nedumangadu Naga Thiruvananthapuram
201 Pariyarathu Kavu Naga Kollam
202 Parottukonam Kavu, Naga Pathanamthitta
203 Pattupurak Kavu,Kallambalam Naga Thiruvananthapuram
204 Pattupurakkal Kavu Naga Kollam
205 Pavurethu Kavu Bhagawathi / Naga Alappuzha
206 Pazhanchira Devi Temple Kavu, Naga Thiruvananthapuram
207 Pazhangala Dharma Sastha Kavu Sastha Kollam
208 PeralanKavu Puliyankal Siva Kozhikode
209 PerinKavu, Mevarkara Naga Thiruvananthapuram
210 Perumbali Mana Kavu Naga Kottayam
211 PerumpallyKavu Kizhakkovil Kozhikode
212 PetiyathuKavu Naga Kozhikode
213 Pillathamburan Kavu, Pothenkode Naga Thiruvananthapuram
214 Pillaveedu Kavu, Kesavadasapuram Naga Thiruvananthapuram
215 Pishari Kavu Bhagawathi Kozhikode
216 PoilKavu Durga Kozhikode
217 Ponnumthuruthu Kavu Naga Thiruvananthapuram
218 Poolanthara Kavu, Manikkal Naga Thiruvananthapuram
219 Poongodu Kavu Naga Kannur
220 Poovampara Kavu, Mevarkara Rakshassu Thiruvananthapuram
221 Poovathoor Kavu, Poovathoor Naga Thiruvananthapuram
222 Pulickal Kavu, Pongummoodu Naga Thiruvananthapuram
223 Pulivalam  Devi temple Kavu, Ilamba Naga, Nagayekshi Thiruvananthapuram
224 Puliyan Kulangra Kavu Naga Kollam
225 Puliyankeezhu Kavu, Chiayinkeezhu Naga Thiruvananthapuram
226 Puthanvila Kavu, Ilamba Naga Thiruvananthapuram
227 Puthiyaparambil Kavu Vishnu / Bhagawathi Kasaragod
228 Palappoor Kaavu Bhagavathy Kshethram Bhagavathy Thiruvananthapuram
229 Raja Rajeswary Temple Kavu, Naga Pathanamthitta
230 Sasthakotta Temple Sastha Kollam
231 Shobhapparabu Kavu Bhagawathi / Naga Malappuram
232 Siva Temple Siva / Naga Kannur
233 Siva Temple Naga Kollam
234 Siva Temple Kavu Siva / Naga Alappuzha
235 Siva Temple Kavu, Ambalathara Naga Thiruvananthapuram
236 Srekrishnaswamy Temple Naga Kollam
237 Tampuran Kavu Naga Alappuzha
238 Thamarakudi Naga Kollam
239 Thampuran Kavu , Kazhakkoottam Naga Thiruvananthapuram
240 Thazhek Kavu Bhagawathi Kannur
241 ThazheppurakkalKavu Thazheppurakkal Kozhikode
242 Thechottu Palliarkotta Bhadrakali Kozhikode
243 Thekkemankuzhi Bhagawathi / Naga Alappuzha
244 Theyottu Kavu Bhagawathi Kannur
245 Thurayil Kavu Naga Kozhikode
246 Tikkotoor Kavu Naga / Ganapathi Kozhikode
247 Udiyakovil Bhagawathi Temple Bhagawathi / Naga Kollam
248 Undiyalam Nagaru Kavu Naga Kannur
249 Vadakkedathu Kavu Naga Pathanamthitta
250 Valiyaveettil Kavu Naga Alappuzha
251 Vallal Kavu Naga Kottayam
252 VallikkattuKavu Vanadurga Kozhikode
253 Vanadurga Kavu Vanadurga Kozhikode
254 Vandanum Kavu Naga Alappuzha
255 Varikkara Kavu Bhagawathi Kannur
256 VatekKavu Naga Kozhikode
257 Vayappurathu Kavu Naga / Bhagawathi Kozhikode
258 Velamkudi Devi Kshetram Bhagawathi / Naga Alappuzha
259 Velamkudi Devikshetrum Bhagawathi Kollam
260 Velanmutayil Kavu Naga Ernakulam
261 Vellikkattu Kavu Bhagawathi Kozhikode
262 Vishnumoorthi Kavu Vishnu Kasaragod



(Source: Tropical Botanical Garden and Research Institute, Thiruvananthapuram)

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