Bilwa leaves [Koovalam leaves (Aegle marmelos)] are not used for poojas in Vishnu Temples.


Pradakshina (devotional rounds)

(1) around the anthar mandapa;

(2) along the outer pradakshina vazhi;

(3) outer side of maryada (compound wall); and

(4) outside the temple compound including tank.

Common Offerings (Vazhipad)


Lighting of lamps at Nalambalam, Vilakkumadam, Agramandapam with ghee, sesame oil or coconut oil is known as Vilakku. Chova-vilakku (lighting of lamps on Tuesdays, especially in Durga temples), Enna-vilakku (lighting of lamps with oil), Chuttu-vilakku (lighting of lamps on all sides of Nalambalam), Nai-vilakku (lighting of bell metal lamp with ghee) are some of them. The offering is made for relief from rheumatism, ophthalmic diseases etc.



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