Temples dedicated to Lord Maha Vishnu at Thrichittatt, Thripuliyur, Thiru Aranmula, Thiruvanvandoor, and Thrikkodithanam are known as Pancha Pandava Temples since it is believed that these temples have been established by the Pandava Princes. Legend says that Yudhishtira left the country after ruling 36 years and after handing over the throne to his successor. His four brothers - Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva - followed him.They reached the hilly regions of Kerala. Attracted by the scenic beauty and moderate climate of the region they decided to settle there. They had also decided to consecrate the idols of Lord Maha Vishnu that they worship daily at various places of the region. Accordingly, Yudhishtira installed his idol at Thrichittatt. His younger brothers consecrated their idols at Thripuliyur (by Bhima, second of Pandavas), Thiru Aranmula (by Arjuna, third of Pandavas), Thiruvanvandoor (by Nakula, fourth of Pandavas) and at Thrikkodithanam (by Sahadeva, fifth of Pandavas). All these temples are located within a short circle of Thrichittatt and known as Pancha Pandava Kshethra (Temples of five Pandava Brothers).  All these temples are ancient ones and included in the 08 Vishnavite temples of India.


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