Temples dedicated to various incarnations of Lord Vishnu can be found everywhere in Kerala. But temples of all the incarnations in a single village are somewhat peculiar and unique. Kakkur near Balussery in Kozhikode district is that village. The village name Kakkur means the land where Kalki, the tenth incarnation (yet to emerge) of Lord Vishnu, dwells. Temples dedicated to Malsyamoorthy, Koormamoorthy, Varahamoorthy, Narasimha, Vamana, Balarama, Sri Rama and Sri Krishna are situated within a radius of 5-6 km of Kakkur. It is said that the temple dedicated to Lord Parasurama was ruined and its remnants (a platform) is there at the Kakkur Police Station compound. Similarly, there exists no temple dedicated to Kalki. Some believe that there was a temple at the place known Ambalaparambu in the village. Some are of opinion that the temple was not at all established since the last incarnation is yet to take place. 


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